Civilization Vs Savagery In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Without society’s guidelines, humans turn to their more savage natures. Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a microcosm of our world that deepens our understanding the conflict between the two competing impulses that exists within all human begins, civilisation versus savagery. Golding achieved this by integrating the symbols of the conch and the boys’ assemblies, along with the signal fire and lastly, Piggy’s Glasses. One of Golding’s first symbols used to demonstrate his theme was through the conch, along with the boys’ assemblies. When the boys first reached the island and discovered there were no adults with them, Ralph blew the conch to set an assembly. During the assembly ralph claimed, “We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After…show more content…
The signal fire was set up as a resource for rescue, with the aim to keep it alight the whole time for passing ships and aircraft to find them. Golding used this to show the reader how the boys worked together to create a civilization, and how they kept a connection to society. The signal fire symbolised hope and rescue on the island for the boys. As the text continued we were shown Jack and his hunters favouring hunting over the signal fire. As a result the fire burned out while on the hunters’ watch. The fire going out allows the reader to understand that the boys have lost sight of been rescued and have accepted their savage nature. The boys favouring hunting over tending the signal fire is one example Golding uses to show the reader the boys’ change into their more savage nature. Golding also uses the arguments between Jack and Ralph to deepen the readers’ understanding. When Ralph learns about the signal fire dying out, Ralph lashes out at Jack saying “You and your blood Jack Merridew, you and your hunting. We might have been saved. We might have gone home”. Golding’s purpose in using this quote was to deepen our understanding of his theme civilization versus savagery, and show both Jack and Ralph moving from their civilised natures to their savage instincts. Golding shows the reader the boys ignoring the signal fire and the rules they have

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