Multicultural Faux Analysis

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Multicultural, faux or not? Living in Canada gives Canadians pride in knowing that multiculturalism impacts and influences all who are a part of our community. Canada is a nation that continues to portray its country as a multicultural entity which accepts individuals of different races to reside and claim citizenship supporting a multicultural policy. Many are lured to this country due to the false proclaim of a harmonious society that will open doors for opportunities of employment, health care and better life standards. What they do not realize is, the government takes control of multiculturalism and places emphasis on those racialized individuals when welcoming them. Multiculturalism limits the freedom of visible minorities and forces them to assimilate into Canadian culture without holding on to their own identity. The state is responsible for controlling all the power of society leaving multiethnic communities vulnerable to inequalities. These…show more content…
If multiculturalism wants to perserve minority culture then why does it demand changes in the majority culture? In other words, it demands that societies should learn to respect other cultures but in reality they are destroying their own. Some may see multiculturalism as a political correctness to be more open-minded although I will argue that is it disguised by a post-colonial era that lives within our comtemporary Western society. Individuals are seen as objects and not subjects. Social groups are forced to define their identity which mark them as distinct. Multiculturalism erases social relations and forms of power and is used as a device social management of inequalities (Bannerji, 2000b). We must look critically at multiculturalism not to adopt a general position against it but to create possible strategies that can improve

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