Multiculturalism In Canada

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Influence Cultural institution in everyday society need to be more emphasized in the current age because the influence from cultural institutions matters. Firstly, building of national identity and state is an important duty for a country to be unique in the world, so building national identity and state becomes responsibility for many kinds of cultural institutions in everyday society. “‘Identity’ is an inclusive way of dealing with the complexities of characters and personality assigned to the national construct.” (Edwardson, 2008) Multiculturalism is an identity for Canada which has been formed by Canada government by various kinds of ways. For example, National Gallery of Canada is a traditional institution which makes a great effort…show more content…
A professional sport of a nation play a significant role of building the national identity. For example, America is famous for professional skill on playing basketball and China is famous for professional skill on playing Ping-Pong ball and dive. Canada is famous for the hockey. So, the cultural institution also works for building this identity. CBC television hosts a brand which is Hockey Night; Hockey Night in Canada (HD) is a sport program which present the latest news about hockey league and it presents the enthusiasm of Canadian toward hockey. Gradually, the hockey becomes the significant element of everyday society. According to Ashby’s article “Hockey Night in Canada: Sport, Indentities and Cultural Politics” (1995), “Sport, in this case hockey, is not merely the home of the jock and a mass mediatized enactment of a violent masculinity. Rather, it performs the "ideological" work of, among other things, nurturing a certain idea of masculinity and articulating a sense of place and affiliation with what it is to be Canadian.” Thus, cultural institution in everyday society, such as CBC, National Gallery of Canada, contributes a great effort to build national identity and state which make Canadian becoming unique in the…show more content…
Harvey (2006) elaborates the government funds the cultural institutions in different areas. Besides the directly funding on cultural institution as the financial support to National gallery, the government of Canada also operates the new cultural institutions, such as CBC, library, and museums. In terms of the action of government conducting many cultural institution about different aspects, it can be seen that government of Canada put a premium on Canadian cultural

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