What Are The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms?

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Are you tired of wearing the same boring clothes every single day!? Don’t you think that it is time for a change? 2.According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 12% of US middle schools enforce a strict school uniform policy, forcing students to adhere to the same standards as all their peers. 1.Several negative aspects to the uniform debate are that parents might not approve, parents may struggle financially if forced to purchase these drab ensembles, and student performance may lessen over time due to an oppressive dress code. 1.There is also a veil of controversy surrounding the ongoing worldwide issue of whether or not students should have uniforms, with many strong arguments describing the negative side effects of this problem.…show more content…
1.Others think that the students should have some degree of independence when it comes to their choice of attire, and still others believe that the uniforms are actually hurting the schools and the learning environment. 5.As one parent put it, “It is not a military state. As long as kids are not doing anything horrible, why can't they choose what they want to wear?” 1.Another reason is that bullies can easily hide in the crowd since everyone is wearing the same clothing. 1.They can wear the uniform and look like they are just another ordinary person, but on the inside they want to just cause harm, so the teachers would be oblivious as to which students should be watched. 5.Since the bullies have this “cloak of invisibility”, the teachers would end up having to let the bullies get away with doing what they do, which provides a false sense of security for the bullies. Since some people could, in theory, come every day and look like they are just another innocent person to fool the teachers, they could, in…show more content…
5.As one of the major skills of maintaining one’s appearance is learning how to pair clothes, people with uniforms do not have that skill available to them. 1.They might also think that they are losing their individuality and think that the school expects them to act as one. 1.Their thoughts might also show that the uniforms are dull and uncomfortable, which therefore lessens student performance in class, leading to lower grades. 4.Being the negative kind of person that they are, some people have said that not having uniforms does not make students any happier, but after three years of not wearing uniforms and five years with, I think that it is a prevalent factor when determining the happiness of the school and the students within. 1.One student said, “School uniforms are not meant for us if it’s not meant for the teachers.”1. Some students look to their teachers as role models. 5.Therefore, if the teacher is not required to wear a certain uniform but the students are, they might not look up to their teachers as highly as they should because they might think that the teachers are not acting in a way that seems right

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