What Are The Benefits Of Sports In High School Sports Essay

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Sports can be looked at as distractions for students, however, they have many benefits to students during their school year. If high schools took away students athletic programs, students would have a harder time staying active, handling time management, keeping social relationships, having a strong sense of responsibility, and teamwork. Playing sports in high school allows for teens bodies to maintain healthy in a consistent manner. If high schools decided to get rid of sports programs students would be less likely to have a more consistent active schedule. Some kids may continue to workout on their own but the majority of the schools populations would be lost on how to maintain their health. Sports in high school allow for teens to be able…show more content…
In sports student are allowed to socialize with their peers in a consistent manner, and not to mention they are able to social with peers in other grades that they might not be able to in school. If high school sports were to end students would be more likely to get in more trouble with their peers. Sports guide social relationships in a positive manner and give them a healthy setting for students to socialize. Rather than teenagers having spare time after school, giving them time and ways to get themselves into trouble, students are staying active and creating relationships with their…show more content…
While students are involved in sports, they contain the responsible of being committed to the program. Once a student reaches high school sports it is a whole new ball game, compared to middle school sports. High school athletic programs demand responsibility among their athletes to be able to play. They must contain a type of responsibility that is dedicated and if high school sports were to end, students would lose this skill. High school athletes are expected by their coaches to be on time and in attendance everyday giving their full effort and if they are not, they are held accountable. Being accountable for their actions are very beneficial at a teenagers age because they need responsibility skills throughout the rest of their

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