Courage Essay: What Do You Can Be Courageous?

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Let's Be Courageous What if a genie approached you and asked if you wanted to live a happy, successful life but the genie could only grant you one major characteristic to determine how great it would be? What characteristic do you think would carryout a happy, successful life? Even though I have not even began to start my life, being 16, I believe courage is a strong characteristic that can build anyone up to a life most could only wish for. Having courage is desired by many but truly achieved by few. Courage is the ability to do something that scares you and having strength in the face of tribulation. I think having courage and using it in the right situations can take you places in life. You have to have this trait to take advantage of opportunities that…show more content…
For girls, especially in high school right now, it’s a trend to have an iPhone and have birkenstock shoes. For boys, it's the coolest thing to have the same haircut and wear about the same thing to school everyday. What's the fun in being the same? You can show how you can be courageous by showing you are not scared to stand out and be yourself . I could have chosen other characteristics like honesty, luck and good looks but none could measure up to what courage can do for you. Sure good looks could get you places but you could not be truly happy depending on your looks.You would get old one day and all your "good looks" would disappear and it would all depend on your personality or previous success. Having luck is a true blessing but if you're anything like me, it won't get you very far in life. Honesty is possibly the closest to courage. Being honest will get you far but life isn't fair. Honesty would get you to college but if a job opportunity arises and you did not have courage to stand up and attack it, it is no good. Alexis Bennett Block 4th Introductory Essay-LSW #1 8-29-16 Having a successful and happy life is not to be scared of everything you do and to

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