Kentucky Football Culture

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Kentucky Football Exploring Culture Essay Kayla Everslage CIS 110 Professor Sweeney October 20, 2014 Abstract Kentucky football is a culture based on responsibility, brotherhood and teamwork. Though my research I have found that the young men on this team focus on working together, and forming relationships that will last a lifetime. They all look about for each other whether it is on or off the field. I think that by doing this they are setting a positive example for all other cultures. I think that if all cultures worked together in this way the campus could benefit much more. The responsibility that also comes along with playing football and going to school full time requires great time management skills. Maintain a 2.7…show more content…
This quote I believe accurately describes the learning aspect of football. This essay’s purpose is to learn, in depth, about a culture. Living in the United States and even on such a diverse campus we are exposed to so many different cultures each and every day. Every culture comes with stereotypes, positive and negative. Each culture also has different rituals and outlook on certain things in life. The culture on this particular campus I chose to explore is the culture of Kentucky football. This topic has always interested me because growing up in Kentucky football wasn’t just a sport; it was a way of life. Every Saturday football was on all day at my house and it was usually the Cats. Kentucky football is more than just a game it is a way of life, it’s about life lessons learned of the field, a positive outlook, and one common goal,…show more content…
Football is a very demanding sport it requires time and energy. The average summer of a football player includes “2 a days” which would include practice in the morning around dawn and other one later in the afternoon. Between these practices the players must take courses so their course-load can be lighter during the season, so they are able to focus on football. Once school starts, the players pick up their core classes usually about 11 hours a semester, they then have practice 5 days out of the week in the evening. The practice consists of breaking the whole team into smaller teams. These smaller teams are separated by certain positions so they can get a better hands-on coaching experience. The practice often ends with the “Red-Shirters”, the players on the team who do not travel due to injury or they are simply not at that level, scrimmaging the starting team as if they were the opponents they were facing. (Blue.

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