Disadvantages Of CPS

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As a discipline, CPS is an engineering discipline, focused on technology, with a strong foundation in mathematical abstractions. The key technical challenge is to conjoin abstractions that have evolved over centuries for modelling physical processes (differential equations, stochastic processes, etc.) with abstractions that have evolved over decades in computer science which provide a "procedural epistemology". Why we should use Cyber Physical Systems ? 1. Embedded computers allow us to add capabilities to physical systems. a. Computer-controlled automotive engines are fuel-efficient and low-emission. 2. By merging computing and communication with physical processes, CPS brings many benefits: a. Safer and more efficient systems b. Reduce the cost of building and operating systems c. Could form complex systems that provide new capabilities 3. Technological and Economic Drivers a. The decreasing cost of computation, networking, and sensing provides the economic motivation. b. Computers and communication are ubiquitous enables national or global scale CPSs. (Eg. National Power Grid, National Transportation Network) c. Social and economic forces require more efficient use of national infrastructure. d. Environmental pressures make new technologies appear to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution. NEED FOR CPS RESEARCH…show more content…
The hardware and software must be highly dependable, reconfigurable, and, where required, certifiable, from components to fully integrated systems. Such complex systems must possess a trustworthiness that is lacking in many of today’s cyber infrastructures. For example, certification is estimated to consume more than 50% of the resources required to develop new, safety, critical systems in the aviation industry. Similar efforts are needed in the medical, automotive, energy systems, and other

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