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Introduction Proton Holding Berhad (Proton) is a Malaysia Automobile Manufacturer Company with manufacture, assembles and sell motor vehicle and related product, includes spare parts, accessories and others that established in 1983. Proton is stand for Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sendirian Berhad (National Automobile Company Private Limited). The headquartered of Proton was located in Shah Alam, Selangor and additional factory of manufacture plant in Tanjung Malim, Perak. The vision for Proton is strive to become a successful Malaysian Automotive Manufacturer globally by being customer oriented and producing competitively priced and innovative quality products. Proton approached Mitsubishi Motors at year 1983 year 1984 and brokered…show more content…
Outsourcing is defined as moving a business function performed inside of an organization to a third party business function provider.This means that a service or production that was accomplished inside an organization is now accomplished by another organization that is mandated to be a part of the same organization. (Aleksander, Dragan 2012) From our research, we have found that there are twelve most frequently outsourced business tasks. (Alex, 2010) .Most of the companies are lack of communication language especially English which is considered as international language. In order to solve the communication problem, the company will outsource customer support particularly phone support. Secondly, accounting is well-adapted from most of the companies because it involves a standardized methodology. Therefore the employee can use it for financial recording conveniently. Other than that, the company can focus on its core activities without worrying on the financial statement and other book keeping tasks. Next, outsourcing is also important in tax preparation because the company has to make sure that the financial statement is prepared correctly and there is no mistaken in tax calculation. For instance, if a company fails to calculate the tax correctly, it may cause various penalties from the…show more content…
For instance, if your company is outsourced by oversea or beyond the borders, then the company is facing a problem as other competitors will copy the idea or development. Hence, Proton may consider legal services in order to protect the business and think hard before take any outsource anything such as trade secret or machinery. Not only that, outsourcing be a threat to security and confidentiality. For instance, if the outsourced is contains confidential information such as formulas then the company is involved in a risk that confidentiality may be compromised. Fortunately, Proton has not been any accident at

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