Satire Essay About Traveling To New Places

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GET REAL! The idea of traveling to new places to to have new experiences, learn new things and meet new people. Try staying at the little out of the way places, they're much more intimate, friendly, and in most cases cheaper. Try some of the little restaurants where the local people eat, and while you are at it, engage the locals in conversation. Learn about them, see what they think and why. We are ever so different, and ever so the same. Despite differences of languages, customs, culture, environment, religion, politics and much more, you'll find that wherever you go, we all share the common basic desire for ourselves and our families to be happy and to prosper. And that once we find that we all basically want the same things, the rest becomes less important, and we have a foundation to build upon for newfound friendship. That all said, lets take a look at some of the things that might help make your trip a bit more enjoyable. Travelers are EASY MARKS I get a kick out of big city people telling me that they're going to Paris or Managua or wherever, but are a bit troubled by all the reports of STREET CRIME. GET REAL! All the street crime in Central America for a week wouldn't make a decent night's take in New York, Chicago, L.A., Miami, etc. Yes, you hear about it because of…show more content…
Use some common sense. When you travel to a new country and try to find your way around in a different language, all the time being bombarded with new sights and experiences, it is easy to become distracted; and the thieves know it. Keep your wits about you. Get a small backpack and keep your camera/video equipment in it any time its not directly in use. And keep the pack on your back. I don't know how many tourists have told me that they just wanted a picture of this thing or that. They took their camera out of the camera case, put the case down, took the picture, and when they looked down the case (and everything in it) was gone. NEVER SET ANYTHING DOWN, EVEN FOR A

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