A Trip To Africa Essay

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When people think of Africa they think of starving children and hot dry climates but not many people have experienced the nice parts first hand. From Victoria Falls to the surprisingly great food taking a trip to Africa was a great experience. Africa is more than just a poverty stricken hot and dry area. The first two weeks of this trip was spent in a small village in small living areas. Breakfast was at most a PB&J sandwich which by the end of the week after having flavorless meals a PB&J would be more described as “creamy peanut butter and cold sweet jelly between two slices of bread.” Lunch was an interesting process, chicken was a common dish and it wasn’t acquired by going to Walmart and buying chicken legs and thighs pre breaded that only needed to be baked, instead time was spent running after a live chicken…show more content…
Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and seeing the falls up close was amazing. As the water rushed past you could hear the power of the rushing water and there were animals all around making their own noises and even baboons sitting on the path that you had to walk around. This was more of a vacation and the place everyone stayed at was very nice and almost like a resort. The restaurant attached to the resort served breakfast every morning in the form of sweet crepes and fresh eggs and even had a view of a watering hole for all the different animals and since this watering hole was pretty far down they gave us a pair of binoculars. On our last day the group went to a restaurant called The Boma. This wasn’t an everyday restaurant where you could get burgers and fries, this was a buffet which they served things like alligator tail which was tough an chewy and had a natural seasoning that was sweet and a little tangy at the same time. The best food on the buffet was wild boar, it was tender and tasted like it had a barbeque sauce cooked into
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