Essay On Hotel Management System

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HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 1. Problem Definition: The hotel management system provides online facilities to customers like reserving his/her hotel accommodation, meals and other services from around the world. 2. SRS: 2.1. Introduction: Hotel Management System is a tool which provides convenience to customers for reserving or booking the rooms through internet. There are two types of users who used this project: • Online users or customers. • Manager or Administrator (Hotel Management). The computerized HMS will keep and maintain the records of the various customers along with the manager etc. Purpose: The purpose of this project is to facilitate people sitting at home from anywhere around the world to reserve his/her accommodations or rooms through…show more content…
User services module. • Management Module: Management module can see the list of booked orders and modify the no of rooms. Generally it deals with the room status of hotel. • Hotel Registration Module (Administration Perspective): This module is also divided into two sub parts: 1. Hotel Reservation module. 2. Administration module. 2.1. Overall Description: The customer can reserve his/her accommodation through phone-calls or by visiting the booking office and providing the personal details. The management of hotel will then order for the preparation of customer’s room before he checks in. There is a procedure of hotel to check the customer’s file details which will be created if his/her reservation is confirmed and after that the key is given to the customer for his allocated room. The customer can also modify or cancel the reservation if he wants. Product Perspective: The Hotel Management System is independent of all sources and totally self contained means every section of the system is complete on its own and doesn’t require anything else. 1. Hardware Interfaces: Server Side Requirement • RAM: 4GB (gega byte) • Processor: Intel® 2.00 GHz • Operating System: Windows 8 for best support • Disk Space: 10GB (gega
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