Ocean Pollution In The Ocean

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First, the fact that the ocean is being polluted chemically is no longer a small scale environmental problem. With all the waste that humanity flush out to the sea, this is now consider a major world crisis for it deadly effects. Many of the waste that are flowing around in the ocean are chemically makeup. Example would includes plastic debris, crude oil from underground and many other man-made waste product. But let first discuss about plastic debris, for it’s the most common type of man-made chemical make up material that is popular in every aspect of the human life. And as a famous naturalist comments on the impact of plastic waste in the ocean, Sir David Attenborough quote: ““There is no ‘away’ because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible.…show more content…
And in the case of the Exxon Valdez in 1989, according to Nancy Rabalais in her article. The aftermath of this most horrific oil spill in the United States, have causes the life of 250,000 sea birds, 2800 sea otters, 900 bald eagles and another 300 harbors seals. (Rabalais, “Oil in the sea”, eLibrary). The incident also affect 1100 miles of coastline in Alaska. And within six hours of the spill, 10.6 billions of gallons of crude oil have been spilled into the ocean. The specific damage of these pollutants to animals in the ocean is mentioned in the article “Who is responsible for marine debris? The international politics of cleaning our oceans”. Plastic debris and trash caused malnutritions in sea animals, since the consumption of waste in the ocean make them feels like they are full and no longer need to in. While in fact, the plastic and trash they consumed have no nutritious values to keep the sea animals healthy. Plastic debris can also caused damage to internal organs of these animals, causing internal bleeding that can lead to a premature dead. And according to the EPA, also mentioned in the same article. Every years, there are 30,000 northern fur seals caught up in abandon fishnets and left to suffocated. While the plastic debris attack the seabirds population on the shore by the plastic pellets…show more content…
Humanity also received it full harmful effect. The aspect of human society that are affected by pollution of water in the ocean are economic and health. And let’s talk about human health effect throughout the spread of water contamination and pollution since health is vital factor of a human life. From the article “Water pollution and human health”, there are a lot of different diseases that caused by dirty and contaminated water. Like the bacteria called Campylobacter Jejuni, this bacteria is found mostly in untreated fecal water source and it also the cause of 4% to 15% of the world diarrhea cases. Or the bacteria Vibrio Cholerae, the name sounds familiar because that were the named of the disease came from. This bacteria is the main causes of cholera, a disease that caused an upset stomach and also diarrhea by damage and disrupt the small intestine of the human body. While other disease includes: Hepatitis, a disease that can lead to dead in the long term, but can be treated easily with vaccine. Symptom of the disease are loss of appetite and the feeling of fatigue (Haseena, “Water pollution and human health”, Allied Academies). And in the article “The quest for clean water”, Joseph Orlins and Anne Wehrly mentioned the “Blue Baby Syndrome”, cause by the excessive nitrate in water. And chemical like DDT, dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls and heavy metal like lead and mercury, they can cause

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