Essay On Food Pollution

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China environmental quality is severely damaged by agricultural non-point source pollution in recent years. China soil and water quality is degraded by metals and organic compounds. According to Sun B et al. (2012), the main pollution sources from agricultural activities are crop fertilization, pesticides and livestock organic waste. In agricultural area, the groundwater is generally suffered from serious nitrate pollution by crop fertilization. 38% and 50% of counties drinking wells in Yangtze River Delta and North China nitrate content are higher than European Union limit. Pesticides application also causes contamination of soil, surface water and groundwater. China average concentration of HCH and DDT in soil and surface waters is serious in the China Proper. The main agricultural…show more content…
Bi et al (2007) state some regional maritime space are highly polluted and keep deteriorating. Agricultural, industrial and household sewages are directly dispose to water and heavily polluted fishes’ living space. Chemical substances in those sewages have a great influence on the growth of fishes and affect their value to be used for foods. After human beings eat those contaminated fishes, it will cause potential health problem and accumulate toxic substance inside human organs. Fishery also shares the same problem with agriculture in pesticides use. In Bi research, he wrote there are more than 30% of animal feeds are not eaten by fishes in the farm. Those remained animal feeds will consume oxygen in water and generate nitrogen. Virus and bacteria are therefore grown quickly and deteriorate the water quality. Therefore, the effects of production method in fishery are also not environmental-friendly and cause the environment
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