Marbled Polecat Research Paper

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Thirty percent, just sounds like a number to you right? Well, it’s not, this is the percentage reduction of the Marble Polecat in Europe over the last ten years. For years, the Marbled Polecat have been going endangered, and every day more and more die. Their habitats are being destroyed on by one, their prey is going extinct so they go hungry, and they are being hunted for their unique fur. The polecats are going away and we need to do something about it. Why are we trying to harm the Marbled Polecat? We should be trying to save the Marbled Polecat because every animal deserves to live just like you and I do every day. One reason that we should be trying to save the Marbled Polecat is, the prey of the Marbled Polecat could increase if we let them go extinct. As an example, the rodents could go totally rogue and increase at an alarming increase. The rodents could start eating more grains, and we know what that means, less grain for us! That just shows that just a little tiny animal going extinct can affect us so much. Another example is that the insects they eat could get totally out of control. The insects could start creating more diseases for humans. The humans would get sick all because of a little animal going extinct. We think that something so small cannot affect us, but it will affect humans more than we know. The Marbled Polecat needs…show more content…
An example of this is, the Marbled Polecat has very unique back and tail, unlike any other animal. The back is a golden yellow patch of fur with dark brown dots with hints of red in them pop up in the yellow patch. The pattern is not matched on any other animal and is very unique. Another example is, the face of the Marbled Polecat. Yes, the face is so cute! It is a dark brown base with white strips over the mouth and eyes. This animal altogether is extremely unique, and so adorable. How could not want to save this

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