The Causes Of Cyber Crime

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According to Rouse (2010), cyber crime is a term for any illegal action that uses the computer as its primary means of commission. Cyber crime is the new word that can be heard in this era which the science and technology have been invented. These crime can be divided into three broad areas. The first of the three broad areas is attacks against computer hardware and software such as network intrusion. Besides, online fraud or penetration of online financial services and phishing are categorised as financial crimes also known as the second broad areas. The form of “sexploitation”, notably crimes against children and teenagers who are the users of Internet known as abuse of Internet. The other types of cybercrime are cyber-bullying, email spam,…show more content…
Although there have several law to impeach and combat cyber crime but the chance of cyber crime still undiminished around the world. This is caused by the indefinite of legal jurisdiction as the law enforcement agencies have the limit of the right to interfere. (Grimes, 2014). Totarotech (2013) mentioned that cyberspace usually does not have any physical boundaries and the cyber crime can take place internationally. So, even thought a country has established their law and standard around cyber crime but the law enforcement cannot execute outside their own jurisdiction. Thus, the most of the criminals who involve in the internationally cyber crime will continue to commit as they are never to be caught and…show more content…
(Salman, 2014). Cyber crime can be pledge for the purpose of recognition. This is essentially decided by youths who are lack of concern and need to get attention and feeling among the society and extreme folks in the general public. They do not intend to hurt anybody specifically, they just want to gain reputation among peer groups in order to fall into the group of idealist. Other than that, they simply need to be in the spotlight in the social group they interact with. A large number of these violations, however, can in any case have intense effects and cause impressive property harm to

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