Essay On Environmental Pollution In China

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China is one of the countries who's economic growth happened so fast that the world could not cope up with. Products from China dominated the markets all around the world. I a have always wondered how can a single country produce so many goods at the same time. I started to research about China's economy and I came across many articles who depicted the problem of environmental pollution in China, which the country is facing in the recent times. Though at first my topic was on to compare China's economy to other big economies in the world. On my first consultation with my teacher, I changed my focus and formulated the question differently, since it would have been difficult to compare the economies of two different countries in such a short time. I knew that China has been having a lot of environmental problems, as I had read many articles before. So I changed a bit my focus and I started researching on the environmental pollution and I was shocked by the results. At first, I read through many newspapers and magazine articles about the situation of the environment in China, they gave me the clear image of how much environmental damage has been already done in China. Since this is a very much current topic in the news I used the Internet as one of my main sources for research in order to get current information. I mainly wanted to base…show more content…
There were many problems so I categorized them into three areas air, water and Land. One of the problems I faced during the research about the pollution problem in china is that the sources I used none of them were Chinese most of them were written by people who were not Chinese. At the end, it came quite clear to me that no direct sources were available because which country likes to talk about its problems, but what I really found strange was that there were no Chinese NGOs who fought against the problems, no information was available on
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