Essay On Organic Food

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Contaminated “Organic Food” from China is imported to the U.S. Many people nowadays are turning to organic food just because they believe that organic food is better for their overall health as well as for the health of their families. This is genuinely true, if we take into consideration the fact that organic food is controlled and it’s free from toxins, additives and pesticides. Or so it seems. It was reported that Chinese products entering the U.S. borders are far from organic. We can’t catch a break from all the scandals and suspicious affairs of this country. From contaminated fish, loaded with mercury and now to filthy, tainted food. Panic is raised among people who believed that buying organic food would at least be a safe way to go. However, since we have little control over what enters our country…show more content…
Animals have also got their share in the pollution and all of this together has led to contaminated soils and water, unusable water and food which is far from safe and organic. Sadly, pollution is still a problem that is growing by the years and even though, sometimes, due to pollution, the water changes its color and the pollution is visible, that is the only options farmers have and that same water is used for irrigation of crops, fruits and vegetables. So, whenever you can or you’re able to grow your own fruits and veggies, it’s the best way to go. However, for those of you unable to grow your own food, avoid food which is suspicious, has no label or it’s labeled as “MADE IN CHINA”. You should be really careful when buying: -Chicken- China is also connected with numerous poultry scandals under the suspicion that they inject the poultry in order to increase the weight and therefore, the prices. -Fish- Due to the contaminated water, anything originating from those waters is contaminated and dangerous for
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