How Does Golding Use Symbols In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies Golding uses many symbols in his novel “Lord of the Flies” by comparing and contrasting his characters to merciless and inhumane Nazis and how they reflect on our society as a whole. In Golding’s Lord of the Flies he uses many forms of symbolism as he portrays his thoughts on the way we as humans have the ability and potential to become Nazis ourselves. We all have inner evils and a little bit of Jack in our everyday thoughts and actions. Golding uses key elements as symbols to reflect inner evils, he uses Jack, the face paint, the conch and fire to represent our society and how we are all potential Nazis with bestial instincts. Jack is used to represent the savage and anarchist ways we have when rules and restrictions are removed. Therefore, when civilized regulations and restrictions are far from us, we become savages and rebels such as Jack,…show more content…
Jack exhibits savage ways when he wildly attacks his rivals who dare question him, he rebels against the minimal amount of rules enforced. Jack symbolizes how easy we can come into touch with our savage side. The face paint, which he applies on himself before hunting gives him a mask that makes him a violent hunter, consequently the face paint taints who he really is, this is seen in his followers the littleluns. Nevertheless the face paint is what changes Jack and gives him a nudge to become an extremist. Golding shows through Jack and the face paint that when we change our identity and feel our environment to be different we have savage, and evil tendencies. Jack and the face paint symbolize how we as humans are not always pure we have potential evil that may turn us into Nazis once
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