Comparing The Road Not Taken And St. Vincent's Journey

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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and Edna St. Vincent’s poem Journey establish a sense of regret in the reader for every past decision they previously faced and the curiosity of how the untraveled path may have altered their life, through the utilization of a variety of literary devices. Many poems from various eras portray the underlying tribulations of the journey of life not just the destination or present state of existence. By comparing and contrasting correlations between these poems we recognize two literary works that underscore unique perspectives and metaphoric contexts surrounding the journey of life. These specific depictions of life’s paths are based on how the authors discern the journey of life, including their inability to withdraw from past decisions and squander the wonder of what if. In addition similar connections can be identified from the authors’ personal…show more content…
Through distinguishing decisions that configure Frost’s life, he expresses that the path of life conveys melancholy in the process of formulating decisions while encompassing the need to explain individuality to confront the next decision. Before Frost finalizes his decisions he feels regret realizing that the fork in the road forces him to choose one path over the other. Stuck at the fork contemplating other paths and choices he wishes he could take both knowing that life will not present him with a second chance to choose the other path. The Road Not Taken commonly mistaken for The Road Less Traveled can be misleading because Frost explains that he opted for the path less

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