The Mist Of Avalon Essay

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The Mists of Avalon shows us a complex side of the King Arthur Legend. The characters and events depend on the earlier versions of the legend. The major Themes of Arthurian legend is emphasised in this version. There are certain literary techniques and themes that are unique to this particular rendering of the legend. The quality of the writing gives us a solid presentation of the Arthurian legends in this work. In The Mists of Avalon we see that the characters play a huge role in this story. Their feelings are expressed in ways that get the reader’s attention. The events in the story also keep the legend strong. These characters and events show a more mystical and wicked side of the Arthurian legend. Igraine for example, is a woman who struggles…show more content…
Arthur’s knights have loyalty and honor in this book as much as they do in the older books. Yet, there is also betrayal to come by his loyal knight Lancelot. The court of Camelot has the same values as they always do in all of the legends. The themes of love and lust play a huge role in this story. Igraine seeks for love no matter where she goes. When Morgaine grew up she began to do the same thing. Both characters crave to find love. Lust also plays a huge role when the story exposes both Igraine and Morgaine’s sexual desires that occur towards many different men. Uther too displays Lust to another level when he begins a war to win over Igraine. The story uses love and lust to draw the reader’s attention and display a complex side to the legend. Rather than a simple side it has more of an emotional side to it being shown by a female’s point of view. Especially as a male reading from a female’s point of view on things can be completely different and make us want to keep reading. Lust is one thing that whether we admit it or not draws our attention easily. We all can relate to feeling some type of way towards someone and doing outrages things thinking it is out of love when in reality it is simply lust. Making the characters so human-like makes the reader more attached to the

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