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TIM BURTON BIOGRAPHY Family Circumstances: Tim Burton was born in Burbank, California on August 25, 1958 to Jean Burton, the owner of a gift shop, and Bill Burton, a former minor league baseball player. His childhood wasn’t a very happy one, which may have influenced his later films. He grew up in the suburbs, but hated it, and never developed close relationships with his parents. He hadn’t many friends, as many found him odd, so his creative, or in this case, emotional, outlet, was drawing. Teachers found his style slightly disturbing, but he decided he was “just going to draw the way [he wants] to draw.” This sort of self-motivation and self-confidence lasted until he was a pre-teen as well. Idea: As a preteen, he would make short films in his backyard using stop motion animation techniques or shoot them on 8 mm film without sound, and one of his best known childhood films is The Island of Doctor Agor that he made at age 13. Tim Burton studied at Burbank High School, but he was a very introspective student, focusing his attention on painting, drawing, and watching films. He loved monster films: Godzilla, and other works of Ray Harryhausen. His future films would be heavily influenced by childhood heroes, such as Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl. His talent and passion for art…show more content…
Even with the mainstream “Disney happy-ending movies” out, he’s still able to individualize his own films and make a film full of creativity with an emotional and personal feel to it. If he were here today, he would probably tell us to stick to our own values and creative style, without letting others get in the way of your own success. His career and successes are the perfect epitome of someone who was able to surpass everyone’s expectations and create a notable career for

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