Animation In Disney And The Millennium Age Of Animation

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Hollywood. There were no more cinematic shorts. They were slowly dying off while cartoons were on the rise on television. The cartoons primary audience had started to shift to children and this left an impression on the American culture. Most animation artists did not like the limited animation techniques but the pros of it were that it saved a lot of money and they could focus on the writing content and voice acting. John Hubley, an advocate of limited animation, encouraged animators to experiment with "primitivism" and "expressionism", leading to some out of this world backdrops and character models that became a major influence on European, modern Thick-Line Animation, and Flash Animation. Filmation also got a start in this era and is known…show more content…
3D animation is in demand. Many of the older animators are not doing animation today because they are out of work or passed away. Classic cartoons and animated shorts have completely dissipated. Disney was on a downward spiral and started to make more 3d films such as Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, and Bolt. Disney bought eventually Pixar in 2007 but Pixar remained separate from Pixar. “Traditional animation also got a second chance with The Princess and the Frog” a success that gave Disney the idea of producing a new traditionally animated film every two years. Such films include Winnie-the-Pooh, The Lion King 3D, and Mort (canceled). Frozen became the most successful movie in the Disney Animated Canon, surpassing $1 billion in box office gross and winning two Academy Awards. Animation suffered in the late 2000s. Cartoons from preceding are shown on Boomerang or not shown at all. Anime is also struggling, shown mostly on online sites. Up and Toy Story 3 got nominated for Best Picture in 2009 and 2010, which at one point was thought that would never happen. Pixar's Shrek got the state of mind that “all animation is Disney”. Now people wanted better storytelling in movies and that's exactly what they gave the people. The rivalry with Disney and Universal has to lead to great movies. Cartoon Networks [adult swim] produced Family Guy, Futurama, Robot Chicken, Black Jesus, The Boondocks, and Rick and Morty. Hulu and Netflix are showing more cartoons and anime all with one click of a

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