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What child has not watched the Disney classic of a poor boy who becomes a prince and rescues a beautiful princess? This charming, heart warming tale, entertains all ages as the audience gradually falls in love with each engaging character. Every young girl dreams of her own prince and every boy imagines himself a dashing hero. Most are not likely to consider the possibility of enchanting Aladdin having similar characteristics to a Machiavellian ruler. Looking closely, however, at the four key qualities described in “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli will reveal some startling similarities. The Italian author explains how a prince makes his own laws, must beat fortune to succeed, has a cunning and shrewd personality, and acts for the good of his country. This does not exactly exemplify the romantic picture of a Disney prince. The story opens upon the fact that Aladdin lives an extremely poor lifestyle. Living the life of a street rat, he personally confesses that he, “steals only when he can’t afford.” Machiavelli claims that a prince will and should make his own laws and rules in order to successfully survive, which Aladdin does exactly. A man must pay for his food, his shelter, clothing, and anything else he may need or finds necessary,…show more content…
When by a chain of events, a Genie’s lamp finds itself conveniently placed into Aladdin’s willing hands, he makes the most of opportunity, taking the reins of fortune and spurring forward as one does with an unruly colt. Comparing fortune to a strong, rushing and enraged river, Machiavelli states, “So it is with fortune. She shows her potency where there is no well-regulated power to resist her, and her impetus is felt where she knows there are no embankments and dykes built to restrain her” (79). Proving himself in control of his fate, Aladdin makes his way from a street rat to the majesty of a powerful

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