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Just imagine you and your family traveling to Disney Land with the other 44,000 people that day. (M, Hugo). Are you one of those people that is a tourist, or do you lean towards being a traveler? The differences between the two are essentially that a tourist will stay with what they know, and a traveler wanders off the itinerary. Therefore, it can be challenging for you to be a traveler therefore when you are on vacation at an amusement park, but it is reachable. One of the best amusement parks you could go to with your family is in California. Therefore, that amusement park would be a Disney Land which is a great place to go with a family. Parents should take their kids whenever they can because it is always going to be a fun time. Disney Land is one of the most best amusement parks you can take your family because it is fun, you are never too old, and it is cool visiting a new place you have never been for some. Disney Land is a fun and happy place which is the reason that parents should take their kids more often. Which is what my parents did, and my family still visits this amusement park to this day. Disney Land also has another…show more content…
“As a producer of films and television programs that families could enjoy together, Disneyland's founder, Walt DISNEY, was in close touch with what interested the American middle-class family. He was well aware that children and adults alike enjoyed escaping into his films and television programs. He was also conscious of the need for activities that would appeal equally to young and old, and thus began to conceive a new kind of amusement park that would appeal to patrons of all ages; that would engage the typically inactive parents and promote family participation.” (Rebori, 2004). This shows that Disney also relates the theme of movies that you have probably seen. This theme park is a very cool place to visit and you

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