Philippa Foot: Justice Is Not Good To The Just Man

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Philippa Foot poses an opinion in her writing, which states that "a great deal hangs on the question of whether justice is or is not good to the just man."The dilemma of what is truly justice and who does it truly benefit has been debated and opinionated on. It’s one of the issues cities and governments are built on. In this regard, this paper purposes is to explain why Foot hangs so much on this question in her writing. Moreover, it also provides evidence how she answers the said question and provides evidence on whether, and on what grounds, Plato would agree with her answer. There are several reasons why Foot hangs on this question, based on the major issue, which is justice as a practice of human behavior. She urges that just like other qualities such as prudence, courage, as well as temperance…show more content…
In providing an answer to this question, Foot notes that it is significant to ask about the number of people who can confidently say that injustice is far much better than justice. She further points out that there are religious beliefs that in most instances, complicate the matter at hand, for example, if an atheist asks why he or she should be just, it is significant to answer such a person by stating that as far as he or she is concerned, he or she would be better of being unjust. However, it concerns the rest of the individuals that the person needs to be just, thus implying that the person needs to be just (Foot, 99). Foot emphasizes that the person would be motivated to look into various methods that could enable him or her to take care not to be found after conducting an unjust action. She further suggests that it is not necessary to present the idea that justice is beneficial to a just man. As such, Foot also brings forth a question whether it is possible to give an individual either a strong or a weak reason to be just. Besides, it is of no help to state that because just and unjust are contradicting words, no one needs to ask why he or

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