Vietnam War Individualism

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While it’s true that home provides you with comfort and security, occasionally it is not able to do that alone. Sometimes, you must fight for your home to maintain all those things, like when war strikes at unexpected times. This idea of fighting for your home applies to the text, Living Through the Vietnam War by Cath Senker because when North Vietnam was being pushed around and bullied by other countries, its citizens took a stand and tried to free North Vietnam from constant colonization and harassment. North Vietnam citizens fought for their home to became an independent nation. The United States was also an important part of the Vietnam War but not in a helpful way. While North Vietnam originally thought the U.S. would be supportive of their wanting of becoming an independent nation, but they were wrong.…show more content…
A lesson writer Huu Ngoc learned is about balance. He states, “I think the strength of Vietnamese culture is that we stress the spiritual side of life and live for other people. But that’s also our weakness. If you are too collectivist-minded you can’t develop your individuality. In America … people are governed by individualism. So we have to marry the best of both cultures.” (p.67). This quote shows how to fully succeed in something, you must balance out both individuality and collectivist-minded. A lesson the readers can learn is about perseverance and never giving up. At the beginning, North Vietnam’s chances of winning seemed very slim and unlikely. They failed some battles and lost some soldiers, but they didn’t give up. They can’t trying and trying and pushing their chances and against all odds, reached their goal. This is an important thing to keep in mind when everything seems to be going wrong and giving up sounds reasonable. Keep trying and perhaps, the luck will turn in your favor, like it did for North
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