Odysseus Heroic Qualities

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What characteristics are considered “heroic?” Some would say, honesty, fearlessness, or even the ability to fly. I believe that a person needs many positive features to claim the title as a hero. First they need, loyalty, bravery, strength and intelligence. If you were to subtract any of these characteristics this hero would be a zero. Hero’s need to be easy to trust, fear no evil, have the strength to fight and be able to outwit their opponent. When landing on the land of the Lotus-eaters Odysseus showed many heroic qualities. As his fellow crew mates were losing all sense of reality and free will, Odysseus would not leave them behind. He forcefully made them leave the land and snapped them out of the trance they were in. Another quality that was shown on that land was leadership, Odysseus knew that he had to step up and take control of the situation.…show more content…
He was taken by surprise of how unlawful these cyclops were. They had no grip of a higher government or laws to follow. Odysseus’s men were soon hostages of the cyclops and they were not getting out without Odysseus’s help. As his crew was being brutally murdered by the one-eyed monster Odysseus was coming up with a plan. Odysseus believed that if he could get the cyclops drunk enough, he would fall asleep and Odysseus and his men could escape. This showed a small amount of intelligence. As the cyclops was getting drunker and drunker he began to ask Odysseus questions. For example, the cyclops ask Odysseus “what is your name?” and Odysseus replied “my name is Nobody.” This reply would save Odysseus in the end. The giant one-eyed monster soon fell asleep and Odysseus was able to strike his one eye so the monster would be blind. Due to Odysseus telling the monster his name was “Nobody” as the cyclops began to shout for help no one came to aid because “Nobody” had hurt him. This shows how intelligent Odysseus really
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