The Influence Of The Domino Theory In Vietnam

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Vietnam was concluded to be based off of the Domino Theory, at least towards the public's eye around the 1950’s. It began with President Dwight D. Eisenhower where he proposed the theory that if communist take over a specific country, then that will proceed to risk another country's downfall and so on. The Domino Theory was an action on to another action that caused a reaction consequently in the end. Known as the Tet Offensive originally referred to as the The General Offensive, was a sequence of North Vietnamese surprise attacks targeted towards over one hundred cities and outposts in South Vietnam. The Tet Offensive overall goal was to provoke an act of rebellion among the South Vietnamese population and to convince the United States…show more content…
Although Harry Truman did not have a major role during this period of time Truman did contribute by sending out the Military Assistance Advisory Group to Vietnam. It's main purpose was to assist the French; however, the president claimed they weren't sent as combat troops but to supervise the use of equipment used to fight the Viet Minh forces. Afterwards, the election of Dwight Eisenhower lead to the decision of sending the U.S to aid South Vietnam. This unfortunately was a risky tactic that tested the consequences. However, shortly after Kennedy is assassinated the spot had to be replaced by another individual. Following up with Lyndon Johnson, was a certain period of time where a massive of events occurred such as the Tet Offensive and the death of Ho Chi Minh. On further notice, when Richard Nixon took place he believed that his Vietnamization strategy which involved his doing of building up South Vietnam forces and furthering into the withdrawal of troops, would be the best tactic to follow to prepare them against the North Vietnamese. On the other hand, when Gerald Ford took action was when the few Americans evacuated South Vietnam and unfortunately the fall of Saigon

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