Jing Mei Two Kinds

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Communication is a big part of our lives because it helps us to understand each other through words. Culture and language also affects how we communicate to people. Culture can influence how we think, behavior, and relationships. Different cultures can cause arguments and conflicts in relationships. In the story “Two Kinds”Jing Mei, the main character never understood her mother. Throughout the whole story we can see the conflict between the two cultures this leads to the conflict between the mother and the daughter. First of all, Jing Mei’s mother have lived in China throughout most of her life and came to America in 1949 after she had lost her parents, children, and her husband. Where as Jing Mei was born and raised in America. Culture help shape who we are today and our actions. People from different culture often have different opinions. Since Jing Mei grew up in America she wouldn’t understand the chinese culture completely and this leads to conflict between her and her mother, We can clearly see that the culture between the two countries are very different in many ways.…show more content…
“Of course you can be prodigy, too,” my mother told me when I was nine. “You can be best anything.” (pg.5). This quote tells us that she is very determined and puts a lot of effort in when she tries to reach her goal. Her goal was preparing Mei Jing to become a successful prejudice in the future. She would sit in the kitchen table with Mei Jing and study with Mei Jing. After watching The Ed Sullivan Show, right away she would tell Mei Jing the schedule of her piano lessons.” And in a way, I felt disappointed. I had been waiting for her to start shouting, so I could shout back and cry and blame her for all my misery.” (pg.9)While she was getting Mei Jing prepared she never realized the conflict between the mother and the

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