Disadvantages Of Globalization In Vietnam

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Wang Khanh Van We recently done a project about globalisation and the topic is how globalisation affect in Vietnam . In this project we response to find and research different view and give out our opinion . During the process I’ve found that there are many difficult things to do and to understand , but there are also some that I can cope with. First is our project and process , we discussed and decided to focus on the question “Is globalization good for Vietnam” and following to these three question: What is globalisation ? Why is it good and why not ? Show how globalisation changed Vietnam economy . There are many questionnaire sent to students from other countries to answer it so we can easily compare my country to other countries .About me , I am very happy because I did achieve my aims , I’ve worked not very hard but I tried my best , I am…show more content…
We have to go over the paragraphs , researches , ideas and make a brief of it , thought it was very difficult but now we did it .We combined all main ideas , reason , points , evidences , advantages and disadvantages about globalisation. Our project outcome is useful for the topic because I interviewed 3 teacher in school one foreign and two Vietnamese . My three question are What do you think about globalisation in Vietnam ? , In your opinion how did globalisation change Vietnam ? and Can you name some foreign brands that you think affect Vietnam’s economy ? . They gave me their answer and there opinion about those question and I think their ideas are really great , they have lots of evidence, clearly point and I am sure that it can help us on the project . This interview include lots of information about globalisation , not definition but different views from three teachers which is really reliable , they listed famous brands and how it affects and these can totally use to educated other people

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