Veterans Speeches

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While you think of why our veterans are important to our nation’s history, present, and future you might be thinking their courage, strength, and abilities. When I think about our veterans I think of the colors of our flag, red for the bloodshed, blue for the tears shed, and for the white for the pale, sick, and deceased. When you see the colors of our flag what do the colors mean to you? What color stands out the most to you? The color red is the most important to me because it represents the blood shed from every veteran that has or will ever serve for our country. We take for granted that we do have people who are willing to risk their life and wellbeing for our lives. These men and women who have served for us, made it so that we can…show more content…
The white in the flag comes from all the sick people, and the deceased. The sick from knowing that they are killing or injuring someone, no matter how bad. The deceased for the ones who fought their hardest. The ones who won their war. These veterans are strong and they know that someone has to fight for the freedom of our country, they know they are there for a reason and they will make it back. They know the choice they have to make, and some can sit back and say I made the choice I fought, and I survived. Veterans have strong stomachs even though they do give in they do pass out and spew what they could keep in their stomachs when they get home sick. Veterans back home get pale and sickened when they see someone disrespecting a fellow Veteran. These veterans will fight until there is no return from the pale, or until they make it make to the “safe land.” Even when they are to the “safe land,” are they really safe? 20 % of all veterans end up heavily drinking or getting into drugs, but they still went and fought for our freedom. Are they safe from PTSD? 2 out of 3 veterans are, but the other one knew the risk he or she was taking when they made the decision to fight. They knew the impact they would make to this country, they knew all the challenges they were about to face but they still made that
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