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“Business Ethics is the study of business situations, activities and decisions where issues of right and wrong are addressed.” Crane, A and Matten D (2004 p8) Sainsbury mission statement is “At Sainsbury's we will deliver an ever improving quality shopping experience for our customers with great products at fair prices. We will exceed customer expectations for healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food making their lives easier every day.” Aims  Sainsbury’s goal is to offer customers great quality food at fair prices and as a leading food retailer; They are committed to being ‘Best for food and health’  They also want to extend Sainsbury brand by opening new convenience stores and developing the online operations. Objectives  Our approach…show more content…
At Sainsbury they have shown that they understand and recognise the importance and benefits of selling Fair-trade products. This is proven by the large introduction of Fair-trade products that has been introduced into their stores across the UK. By selling Fair-trade products this helps to make sure human working conditions are obviously improved, workable. Fair trade has a positive and negative affect on the Sainsbury because it reduces their profits by paying equal amount of salary to their suppliers. Sainsbury’s currently have over 800 Fair-trade products in their stores, from bananas to coffee. Fair trading gave Sainsbury a positive image by showing that they care about world that is why they sell over 600 million Fair-trade bananas a year, which is more than all Sainsbury competitors like Tesco, ASDA combined, according to Kantar World panel. Sainsbury’s sales has increase because of fair trading products, customers want to support a good cause, that is why they would prefer to buy a product which is fair trade rather than one that is…show more content…
Government: The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed. The government is interested in Sainsbury as they set out the regulations and need the businesses to do well to keep the economy healthy. Influence of stakeholders and Pressure Groups: The Influence of Stakeholders is key to ensure the approach of a maintainable business it allows Sainsbury to directly identify worries and opportunities, and then allow the business to respond to changing needs and follow the best practice by joining different views and feedback into their business operation. At Sainsbury Corporate social responsibility is very important because it is the way of businesses to respond to external stakeholders and resolve any problems that the public have that could prove to be interference to the business. Businesses that pursuit primary goal might damage the earth as they do business. Us as stakeholders are involved in this problem. Which Sainsbury has to set various targets for example in previous years Sainsbury has reduce packaging by “1205 tonnes” this action would show that they care about the environment so Pressure group could raise awareness of this action and this would attracts much media attention so this would give Sainsbury a Good

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