Why Are Veterans Important To Our Nation's History And Future

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Why are veterans important to our nation's history and future? The reasons are endless. Only a few brave people are willing to fight for something they believe in, and that is our veterans. Like the saying "Freedom is not free" our veterans are the people who paid the price for us to have the freedom we have today. Veterans were willing to leave the comfort of their home to fight for something they believed in. They fought not only to keep their families safe but everyone. They fought in foreign conflicts and we still have continued safety because of the sacrifices they made in these conflicts. Our veterans have also helped us gain knowledge on medical issues members of the military can face. Originally when military members returned home they were expected to return to everyday life without any problems. We know now that returning to everyday life can be hard for some military members because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Help is now made available for current military members and veterans who are suffering with such disorders. We have learned how to help them be able to come home and live as ordinary of a life as they can even though they may suffer from such disorders.…show more content…
From hearing their stories we now know about how much the military members risked in these conflicts. We learned from past events that they did not receive the respect that they deserved when they returned home from conflict. Many programs have been made to help support our veterans. By making these programs it is just one way to try and help support our veterans and show that we appreciate all they have done. All around the United States veteran memorial monuments have been put up. These help show our veterans that we respect all that they have

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