History Of The Mexican-American War

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Then, now, and forevermore will this nation have veterans. But these veterans do not stand around in their uniforms just to look cool or prestigious. No, the veterans of the United States military earned those uniforms and deserve to wear them proudly. Even though the veterans of the past may have not been recognized the way they deserved to be, they still know why they fight, even when us civilians do not. All the way back in 1775, when the Revolutionary War was nearing its beginning, George Washington and other founding fathers knew why they were rebelling against the most powerful army in the world. They longed for freedom, and to no longer let King George III reign over them and bombard them with unnecessary taxes. If it wasn't for our minutemen, though small in number, who fought courageously against the infamous red coats. Had the veterans not have fought in the past, there would not be a future United States of America.…show more content…
Spain is in control of a hot and barren land called Texas. The Mexican-American War is red hot and at large in 1847, and the Americans are fighting The Battle of Chapultepec under the command of already veteran and General Winfield Scott. The Mexicans did all in their power to defend their base, but it was no match for the American forces. On that day the U.S. Army won a battle that would eventually end the war between the two countries. America would also take with them new lands now called Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Without veterans, America would be less powerful and not be the country we live in

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