Sally Mann's Candy Cigarette Analysis

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Sally Mann’s Candy Cigarette, 1989 has an outstanding amount of visuals included in it ( This photo was taken in 1989 at her home in Virginia, all with her 8 by 10 inch camera. This photograph can be seen in Mann’s book “Immediate Family- The Unflinching and Unafraid Childhood”(2006). Although it was not published into a book yet the image was first seen in the exhibit “Immediate Family” at the Edwynn Houk Friedman Gallery in New York City, this exhibit opened in 1992. The portrait that is displayed at the museum is a Gelatin Silver print that is 48.9 by 59.7 centimeters. This picture has an estimate of $60,000-$80,000 and was sold for $134,500 ( Mann’s pictures were abnormal and almost always negatively criticized.…show more content…
That’s what it’s all about” (CBS News). This quote represents this picture in the most accurate way. If you are given the chance to be a role model to anyone, whether it is your family, a friend, or a stranger, you should always take the opportunity and work your hardest with it. A role model should be a child’s person to lean on when they are down. A young child watches their idol, as if they are the greatest things ever put on the earth. They want to duplicate everything this person does, because they want to be identical to them. This often makes a child want to grow up more quickly and ruins their innocence. They lack innocence, by performing in activities that are not actions viewed as normal in society. A child that is without a good example to follow is more likely to rebel to try to attract attention to them. There is no adult figure to help you work through difficulties that you can’t get through on your own, which is why a reliable role model is the most important thing to have while growing

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