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USERRA is Still Not Up to Date There are many weaknesses in the USERRAA because it restricts veterans a lot. Veterans with disabilities seeking reemployment must apply within one year of discharge and may notify their employer if their disability keeps them from returning to work within the required 60 day period . If a returning employee was disabled during military duty then the deadline for reinstatement to pre-service job may be extended for up to two years . If the period of service was less than 31 days, a veteran must report for work at the start of the first full work period on the first day that they are scheduled to work. If the period of service was more than 30 days but less than 181 days, they must apply for reemployment within…show more content…
This time is too short and should be increased. The time needed for medical treatment necessitated by military service should not be counted, but there is nothing written about that in the statute. It needs to be made clear that veterans with disabilities should take the time needed to recuperate, and that they will still be able to apply for reemployment. Another weakness is that the period of special protection is not long enough. If the period of service was 181 days or more, it is unlawful for the employer to discharge the veteran, except for cause, within one year. If the period of service was 31-180 days, it is unlawful for the employer to discharge them, except for cause, within 180 days . This period of special protection begins on the date that you are properly reinstated. The purpose of this special protection period is to protect the returning veteran from the bad faith reinstatement. This is a good rule because it protects veterans from being fired after a short period of time. The only thing that should be changed is that the protection period, no matter how long the period of service should be one year. This is because veterans need the time to adjust to being back on the job and need to learn…show more content…
They also need to understand that employing disabled veterans will not hinder their work performance. This is because veterans have the ability to transfer their military abilities into the workplace. Employers need to make an effort to hire veterans. This is because there are many veterans looking for jobs, but they are not hired, and then they become homeless. There were an estimated 57849 homeless veterans in the United States 2013, which is 12% of all homeless adults . Veterans have a lot to contribute to the workplace, but employers must have workplace practices in place that allow veterans with disabilities to contribute to their full potential . Two recent surveys have shown that many employers do not understand what veterans with disabilities are capable of and what their needs are and what the law requires of them. This can be fixed by providing staff training and mentoring to bring down the stereotype barrier. This will also help with the issue of accommodating veterans with disabilities. Most employers understand how to accommodate veterans with obvious disabilities, such as those who use wheelchairs. But they may not understand how to accommodate employees with disabilities such as PTSD or TBI. Employers should be trained on how to accommodate “signature disabilities”. To do this employers should make use of the Job Accommodation Network ( and Veterans

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