Values In The Workplace

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Generally speaking, 40% of workers like what they do for a living. They don’t mind getting up in the morning and usually come home feeling great. Another 40% of workers stay in their jobs because it pays the bills. The jobs are boring and unsatisfying. It’s a paycheck and little more. Work is tolerable, but they live for five o’clock. The last 10% simply hate what they do. Getting up in the morning to go to work is a conscionable act, a force of will. There are often feelings of resentment and conflict. The workday stretches on forever; they are bored to tears and may be under intense pressure. These negative emotions can affect both their work and personal lives. The job sucks and the weekend can’t come soon enough. To be in the top 10%…show more content…
Values motivate and fulfill. They imbue work and life with meaning. Attitudes describe your feelings, perspectives and state of mind regarding people, places, ideas, or things. Attitudes can be positive or negative. A healthy, successful person embraces the former. We don’t all hold the same values, or to the same degree. Below, I’ve listed 99 common values. Mark those that resonate with you, that you feel are vital to a good and fulfilled life. My list, culled from many sources, is far from complete. Feel free to add other values. Gratifying Work, says there are different types of meaning as it relates to work. These types vary in importance, depending upon the person. Some people seek jobs rich in rewards and challenges. Others want their work to be interesting, an expression of their personal ideals and values. Some people work to make a difference in people’s lives or in their community. Others, because they like solving problems. Jobs can be attractive because they permit a certain lifestyle, promote a cause, or foster creativity or learning. Or simply because they pay well. Jansen advises thinking about each of these aspects of meaning and ranking them in terms of importance. Doing so will say much about you and help refine the kind of job and career you should
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