Personal Benefitions And Positive Values In The Workplace

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Introduction An attribute is a quality or characteristic given to a person, group, or some other thing. A personal attribute on the other hand is the positive values a person such as an employee upholds. Personal attributes are something everyone has. These values may benefit the employees in a way that helps them understand their work area better. This gives them the opportunity to gain more knowledge thus helping them sharpen their skills. This is also an advantage for the employer because the employees can assist themselves and make the industry successful. Specific: are attributes which aren’t required in all types of jobs but are used only in a certain area of the job. For specific job attributes, the employees are required to have…show more content…
These are a set of series of practices and steps which should ideally be carried out in one's job to ensure positive outcomes are achieved. Good working procedures also require health and safety attributes which are also essential for the employee. The employer has to be sure that the employee can be left unattended or unsupervised at the work area. For example: IT department may be concerned with things like stress, back and neck pains, headaches, eyestrains but the employees would need to know how to relieve the pain.  Work Attitudes: It is important for an employee to have a positive work attitude because they will enjoy what they do. They won’t be stressed if they have a positive work attitude. They will work harder as they will feel comfortable around their work area. Examples of work attitudes are: Optimism; an employee must be optimistic in order to achieve and succeed in his or her job. Another example of a good work attitude is being dependable. This is when the employee is reliable and the employer along with co-workers can rely on you to get a certain task…show more content…
This skill would get the employee a higher chance to get hired because most jobs (teaching, waiter, secretary etc.) require verbal skills. These skills are important in the IT department because they show confidence thus giving respect.  Creativity: Creativity is something that many look beyond and don’t even think of as something of importance in the world of business, or in the nature of the success you build for yourself. It is important for an employee to be creative because they could make their jobs easier. Attitudes: This a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. It is important for an employee to have a positive attitude because, as I mentioned earlier, employees that have a positive attitude towards their works are less stressed and enjoy their job.  Respect: It is important for employees to be respectful to themselves and other co-workers. Employees that have self-respect tend to be confident thus end up doing more work. Employees that respect other are good at team work which is another

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