The Importance Of Workplace Safety Training

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Introduction Workplace Safety training includes things to increase awareness of general safety practices. There are many things to understand on how a safety and healthy workplace benefits workers and business. Training and educational tools are important towards informing employees of the greater understanding of workplace policies and procedures. The risk of workplace injury or illness varies depending on occupations, industry and workers exposure to risks. Creating a safe and healthy workplace begins with employees. Designing tools to help employers assess training programs is essential and it helps test employees knowledge of basic workplace health and safety records for training. Safety training is a must for any organization.…show more content…
In some cases adults have a high motivation to learn voluntarily. Andragogy has some important principles that can influence training for our learners. “Andragogy is a theory which is a supporting mechanism to assist the trainees in achieving their goals”, (Chinnasamy, 2013, p. 2840). Workplace safety training allows learners to discover knowledge on their own via computer without depending on people. An assessment will be given so users know when mistakes are made. Providing workplace training to adult learners who are more diverse than youth can help them seek incremental changes through education as opposed to anything else. Most people who receive training of some sort would like to receive the proper credit for training in some form or…show more content…
This is known as training transfer because it allows knowledge and skills to back their jobs. Training transfer strategies help participants experience training on the job. “Supervisors provide their support through feedback, encouragement and assistance; for instance, training transfer may fail if a supervisor fails to show his or her support for the transfer itself, which may discourage intentions to transfer training”, (Al-Swidi & Yahya, 2017, p. 842). Before training session’s transfers, instructors should utilize training help through analysis exercise with trainees. Learning objectives and training goals before designing the course help identifies what is needed for training and provides adequate training that encompasses groups of people based on their skills, career and the right delivery method to create opportunities for learners to access. Transfer of training during the training requires eLearning courses to communicate its meaning efficiently in addition to offering memorable experiences through action plans to retain and motivate. After training arrange post training following session and create opportunities for practice. For safety training, an assessment will be offered to determine ow well employees know about safety in the workplace. To determine if transfer of training was applied, requires the trainer to see how it is applied on the

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