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Introduction: The growth of tea can present an opportunity for tea packaging, which has been an important factor of the final tea product. This means how tea packaging serves as an opportunity when designed properly, which as well creates several benefits to the tea company and the targeted market. At the same time, packaging serves the great purpose of protecting the food product from outside influences and damage (Coles, 2003). Additionally, packaging has the purpose of containing food and providing consumers with ingredient and nutritional value (Coles, 2003). Definitely, packaging plays a essential role in tea products, especially the traditional way of drinking tea, through the tea bag. This report purposes to focus on tea and it’s packaging,…show more content…
This process is performed in huge ovens or drying machines, which will complete stop oxidation and lock the final flavor. Benefits of Drinking Tea: Several articles and related studies have specified the general and health benefits of drinking tea. One of these articles is written by “Jacques” (The Huffington Post, 2015) of the Huffington Post, stressing that is easier to make than coffee as it only requires hot water and a cup. Elderly people drinking tea will get the benefit of reduced risk on osteoporotic bone fractures. Unsweetened black tea as well aids people with bad breath, through its chemical compound “polyphenols.” Teas are regarded as a “necessity of life” in China, which can also be adopted by the rest of the world. Together with firewood, rice, oil, “Chiang,” salt and vinegar, tea is one of those that “people cannot do without everyday” (The Huffington Post, 2015). Another benefit of tea is its power to relieve anxieties, as supported by a German study with samples that took valerian extract of teas. There samples experienced improved sleep quality compared with the samples that took recommendation drugs. Drinking tea can also help persons suffering from seasonal

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