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Summer is coming and what is the fruit that we enjoy eating in summer? If you thought of watermelon then you guessed it. It is really delicious and it is refreshing us in the hot days. Although there is one thing that many people are getting annoying when eating watermelons – the seeds. Many people are first removing the seeds then eating the watermelon and that takes some time to be done and that is the reason why the hate on the watermelon’s seeds is present. Also what many people do not know is that those seeds are actually filled with health benefits, and this article will be about a recipe with watermelon seeds that is really healthy for you. And after that many people will stop throwing away the seeds and instead of being annoying of…show more content…
It is also beneficial in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension besides controlling blood pressure and diabetes. 2. PREVENT AGING Watermelon seeds prevent signs of ageing because they contain antioxidants and oils which make your skin look younger, healthier and more vibrant. These benefits can be observed by consuming a handful or two of watermelon seeds a week. 3. CLEAN ACNE Take cotton bud and dip it on watermelon seed oil. Use it on your face to clean acne, dirt as well as dead skin cells. This oil is suitable for all skin types including dry, oily, acne prone and maturing skin. 4. STRENGTHEN HAIR The high protein as well as amino acid content within the seeds can easily strengthen your hair. Also, roasted watermelon seeds could make your hair shiny and beautiful since they have copper that produce melanin, a pigment that gives color for hair. 5. TREAT ITCHY SCALP Watermelon seed oil possesses mild texture, therefore it could be absorbed easily. The oil can be used as moisturizer for dried, itchy scalp or even for scalp with dandruff. 6. PREVENT HAIR DAMAGE The seeds contain essential fatty acids which which are great for your dry and damage hair. 7. KEEPS THE HAIR

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