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Two Special Generations: Boomers vs. Millennials Baby Boomers are known to be the largest generation born in U.S history. The generation of Americans were born between 1946, the end of World War II, and 1964. This generation had two separate views about politics and social justice. On one side there were student activists that were immersed in to political equality and justice, while the other half were in the “hippie” era where young adults did not have much interest in political life altogether and began experimenting with drugs and practiced “free love” thanks to the newly-accessible birth control pill. Baby Boomers core values include beliefs such as: antiwar, equal rights, optimism, work, and extreme loyalty to children. The Millennial…show more content…
They saw it as a way out of the blue collar and industrial age and into better jobs and bigger homes. Education was sometimes seen as a birthright within the Baby Boomers generation. Meaning in a large family in that time period not all of the children would get to continue higher learning. In recent years there has been a mass enrolment of Baby Boomers into community colleges and universities all over the country seeking a college degree. A recent census data reports that nearly thirty percent of Boomers have some sort of bachelors’ degree, and twenty-eight percent has said to have attended some college. With Millennials higher education is highly encouraged but is very costly. In todays’ society and competitive work force a degree is needed for even some of the most basic jobs. In my graduating class more than seventy-five percent of us went to college. Some may say college is more of a luxury with my generation but in reality the price for a college education can now lead to debt in the future for most student. As a college student attending Baylor University having multiple scholarships, I am still having financial difficulty. Both generations place education in the forefront in their lives and both face challenges in making that

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