Value Engineering Method

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Introduction Almost in every construction project the main objectives are optimum cost, quality and performance. According to these three components the demand of the building will change from client. Several concept and new ideas have been improved to help client’s meet s these needs including administration by objectives, total quality management and value engineering. However this concept is not from or another comprehensively addressed meeting building sustainability outcomes. Value engineering methodology was pioneered by Lawrence D. Miles, in the 1940's and 50's, which developed the technique of Value Analysis as a method to improve value in existing products. This technology has been widely applied in several fields, including Production,…show more content…
The best approach in achieving superior building sustainability outcomes will be the new Value Engineering approach. It is hypothesized that the alternative Value Engineering method will provide better Value Engineering-sustainability oriented outcomes than the conventional Value Engineering method from a sustainable design and construction viewpoint. The new Value Engineering tool will be important to construction professionals as it will assist them in making key decisions targeting superior building sustainability outcomes. Also, the Value Engineering tool will assist building owners by providing them with a value focused methodology to improve sustainable building…show more content…
According to Heggade, results of quantitative measure should be to improve the communication between professional must incorporate the multidisciplinary team is important aspect in value engineering (Boock & Chau, 2007; Heggade, 2002). Success depends mainly on the relationship of the VE multidisciplinary team which is chiefly determined by effective communications and the strategic actions of the team members. Nonetheless, Male (2007) points out that the success of VE is determined by the elements of the VE process which include the study process, commitment by team members involved in the project, management of the VE process, executive commitment, and efficient facilitation. Some are argue that the success of value engineering depends on the clients input, relationship with the value engineering team, team leader’s personality, relationship with design team and the nature of the project. According to the nature of project some value engineering teams can have a large number of members (Chen et al.,

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