Personal Narrative: The Story Of The Tiger

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I am the tiger, I live deep in the jungle stalking all animals that pass by. I make sure I am not spotted for if any animal attacks me my defense will be low ever since some creature scorched stripes into my armored fur. What’s that, you don’t know how I got these terrible stripes? Well, since you don’t know I might as well tell you. It was about a couple months ago while I was prowling around outside the jungle with my golden armor, prepared for any attack. No animal could penetrate it, I was only wary of the water buffalo, for you see he has such big and sharp horns he can surely stab through the armor. I was good friends with him luckily, so he never tried anything of the sort, until a week later when I noticed strange creatures with water buffalo. I stalked the creatures and once they left I asked buffalo “who or what are those creatures and why do you let them touch your majestic horns?”.…show more content…
I couldn’t believe what I heard, I decided to tell Buffalo “If theses, man things, are really that kind, I would want to meet one and make friends with it! I have never felt kindness before!” Buffalo just looked at me and frowned slightly “Tiger I don’t think man will take kindly to you, for your sharp claws and teeth will surely scare them” I appreciated that buffalo saw me as fearsome but since buffalo has such big horns there was no way. “Nonsense!” I yelled “if humans are so fearful, then why do they not fear your horns? They are so big and pointy while my teeth and claws are small” buffalo was going to say something but I left before he

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