Gesture Command Recognition System

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Gesture Command Recognition System for Human Machine Interaction B.Raj Narain1, Maria.S.Priscilla.D*2 1 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Velammal Engineering College, Chennai -66, India. *2 PG student, Dept. of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Velammal Engineering College, Chennai -66, India. *2 Abstract— This paper deals with the development of a vision based Gesture Command Recognition System that recognizes hand gestures and uses it for Human Machine Interaction (HMI). Gesture recognition is interpreting human gestures that commonly originate from the face or hand through mathematical algorithms. Hand gestures are recognized by Image Processing…show more content…
Communication is the process of transferring data from one entity to another over a particular medium. The message to be communicated is encoded and transmitted over a medium and is received at the receiving end and decoded to the desired message. Over the past few years, research efforts are made to extend this communication over human-machine interaction. There is a rapid increase in industrial and domestic systems that must be controlled, therefore it is clear that new and more natural methods of control are needed. In a world where humans and machines coexist, a more natural and easy communication mechanism is developed for human-machine interaction. This communication mechanism is through human body gestures which can be either through the face or…show more content…
In order to communicate the desired information to a digital machine for example a robot, the human gestures are converted into a signal. A detectable physical quantity or impulse (as a current, voltage or a magnetic field strength) by which messages or information can be passed is called a signal. First the input is given as analog data ,that is as images. These analog signals are captured by the sensors mentioned above. They are then converted to a digital signals. These digital signals are then used to control various machines, or to eliminate interfaces like keyboards for computers or used in gaming. These gesture command signals are generated using a software platform for image processing ,

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