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Does everybody dream? There are two types of dreaming. The type where you dream of swimming in the clear blue waters of Greece, or hiking Mt. Everest in the winter time. Everybody has dreams and plans of what they want to be, or what they want in life. And then there is the kind of dreaming as a person sleeps. A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur in the mind during different stages of sleep. Have people ever thought that sometimes they do not dream? The brain is a command center for the nervous system and it controls all thoughts. Sometimes the brain can do weird things and make it seem like people are not dreaming when they really are. Dreaming has connection with mental health and the brain, it happens during the different stages of sleep, and many foods can have effects on dreaming. Every person’s mind is different, but they do dream every single night. I recently took a poll of the people around me and asked if they know that they dream every single night. 25% voted YES, 19% NO. 25% yes, but don’t remember and 31% voted that sometimes they do dream at night. There were 79 votes overall. This survey shows that most humans do not think that they dream every night, or they do not even dream at…show more content…
The human body does different things when they sleep. For example, when a person sleeps, their body temperature increases. Which is an effect of eating something before bed. This can disturb their natural sleeping patterns. Such as if they eat something different before bed every night, it could affect the person’s sleep differently every night. Which could also determine the different dreams that a person has. Dr. Wenk states, “The interesting thing about dream content when you dream outside of REM is that it incorporates things that are going on around you, and especially in your own body.” So yes, body temperature has effect on the dreams that a person
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