V For Vendetta Government

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Why government have to care about citizens' thoughts? Why does government needs to give people rights and freedom? What will happen if the government does not give people what they want? Those are some serious questions which there is no right answers for it. But, seems V has some answers for these questions. Later, he will talk about his opinion about the connections between government and citizens. No matter in which country, people should always have hope about their government. Who is V? In the movie V For Vendetta, government called him “terrorist” because of what he have done and say. But he considered himself a freedom fighter who uses the title “terrorist” to pursue his personal vendetta. But, he wants to force the government to change. V said that those politicians have to pay for what they have done to the country. Even though, he was considered as a terrorist. He never killed any innocent people. In the beginning, he blew up the Old Bailey and rigged the public address system and played the song called Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture which is not allowed to play in Britain. He wants government to realize he is a threat to the country. Then he takes over the state -run television station (BTN).…show more content…
Let us go back to history. On November 5, 1605, some catholic not happy the way that the king of England treat them. So they decided to kill the king of England and also everyone sitting in the House of Representative. It is called Gunpowder Plot. Why are they doing this? Is it just because they do not like the king? No, it is because the king of England, James tried to send all the priests out of England. James does not want any catholics in the England because he does not believe in God. Being a catholic or christian or other religion is a personal decision. No one can make people what to decide. That is why they were mad at the James. Because James took away their rights and
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