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“V for Vendetta” is a dystopian political thriller film released in the year 2006, directed by James Mc Teigue and written by the Wachowski brother. It is based on the graphic novel series released by Vertigo comics, written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd in 1988. It is set in a near futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain; the story is about an anarchist simply known as ‘V’, who starts a terrorist like movement to bring down a really corrupt and evil government that was ruling over Britain. In the pursuit of his goals, he rescues a mild – mannered young girl known as Evey Hammond, who was going out past curfew from Fingermans (secret police) and an unusual bond starts to develop between the two characters, which results in Evey becoming V’s ally. V starts a revolution inspired by the Gunpowder plot started by Guy Fawkes, who wanted to blow up the English parliament back in the 16th century. The Guy Fawkes mask is used as a symbol to rise up against the government and unite his fellow citizens to fight against tyranny and oppression. V takes control of broadcasting of BTN (British Television Network) to spread his message and urge the people to rise up against the government. Amidst all these, Inspector Finch, chief of police of Scotland Yard, is given the duty to investigate V’s activities. Irengbam2 Evey is taken by V to his…show more content…
After hearing this, Evey gets released, only to find out that she had been held captive by V at his own house.it turns out that V, was the one who captured Evey from Gordon’s house. He then reveals that the note was real and he did all the tortures to free her from her fears. Initially, Evey is frustrated and angered with V’s action, but she realise that she had become a stronger person and she promise V that she will return before the 5th of

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