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I have to agree with Dash O’Hanibaugh. The government might be able to control some things but they would never be able to have total control. We’re too stubborn and would most likely start rioting if the government tried to control us the way the people are controlled in 1984 by George Orwell. We already don’t trust our government and riot and burn down a city if one person gets killed by a cop. They can dumb us down- which is kind of already happening if you look at the way the education system is going- but they can’t teach us to believe that everything they do it right and change history and not have us remember it. There are plenty of examples of why I believe that Dash O’Hanibaughs opinion is right. You can’t change history without people knowing. There will always be people who know what really happened and how it happened. In 1984 Winston was in charge of changing and rewriting history so the government could get people to keep faith in them. They even made people believe that things were getting better when they were actually getting worse. The government changed who they were fighting against in the war in the middle of a rally, they made people believe that percents of rations…show more content…
They had little money and couldn’t get much. That wouldn’t work in real life that wouldn't work because when people don’t have what they need they find ways to get it. Even if it means war. Which is also why if the government tried something like this it would have to be more like V for Vendetta. People had what they needed. People could argue that America is kind of like V for Vendetta because they keep making laws that restrict things but they’re wrong because the laws aren’t super strict like no music or a severe curfew. And we don’t get black bagged and killed if we don’t follow them. We do have a certain set of rules but if we don’t like them we can change them. Like rules on segregation, woman's right, child labor, or gay

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